Elevate Your Dining Experience

Secondi Piatti

Chicken alla Romana (sauté with tomato and bell peppers) served with zucchini gratin

Chicken alla Amalfitana (marinated with Amalfi Lemon and infused with Mediterranean herbs) served with sauté Broccoli

Chicken Medallion (roasted chicken rolled with the Focaccia Bread) served with sauté Swiss Chard

Chicken Ciociara (slowly cooked with tomato sauce and oregano) served with Eggplant Tower

Chicken Antonella (marinated 24 h and cooked completely cover with beer and lightly breaded to reach the perfect tenderness) served with grilled Asparagus

Chicken Filet (chicken breasts with wild mushrooms sauce) served with Roasted Potatoes

Agnello Scottadito (lamb ribs marinated with garlic infusion) served with Radicchio Salad

Spezzatino di Agnello (lamb cubes marinated with red wine and sauté with chopped carrots, onions, celery) served on a Polenta Bed

Quaglie alla Cacciatora (Fresh Quails wrapped with Bacon and cooked in light wine sauce) served with Arugula Salad and fresh Quails eggs

Brasato al Barolo (Tri Tip 24h in a Barolo wine bath and slowly cooked until is very tender) served with White Truffle Mush Potatoes

Baby Pork Ribs alla Fiorentina (Braised first and then cooked with tomato sauce and Cannellini Beans)

Polpettone Ripieno (Meatloaf roll filled with ham and spinach) sauté Spinach

Saltinbocca alla Romana (Veal or Chichen Breast slightly coated with flour and sauté in a butter and sage, garnished with Prosciutto di Parma) served with Puntarelle Salad

Scaloppine ai funghi (Veal scaloppini with mushrooms sauce) served with grilled zucchini

Braised Beef Short Ribs in Cabernet Sauvignon Sauce with wilted Greens

Veal a la Cordon Bleu (Veal Escalope filled with Provolone Cheese and Prosciutto, breaded and golden fried )served with sauté Broccoli

Branzino in Crosta (Grilled Branzino filet with a Pistachios crust) served with Heirloom Tomato Salad

Green Rock Cod Filet (sauté with sundried tomato and pesto sauce) served with Tomato au gratin

Tuna Candy (deep fried fresh grinded tuna praline dip it in a marinara sauce and mint)served with Potato Lasagna

Zuppa di Pesce (Cioppino Roman Style with Crutons)

Red Snapper Margaritaville (Red Snapper filet marinated 24h in orange juice and finished with Vodka Splash and fresh Italian Mint) served with Orange and Olive Salad

Calamari alla Pescatora (squid rings with tomato sauce and peas)