Elevate Your Dining Experience


What does it mean hiring a Personal Chef?

Here is how it works: Call us to make an appointment for the interview with your family to better understand your needs. From the interview we can learn what you like to eat, how you like your food to be prepared, and if you have any medical conditions or allergies that have to be addressed. We can accommodate all kind of requests.

Once we have gathered the information we will propose you options for the weekly menus, customized just for your family. On the date that we agree upon your Personal Chef will come to your house and prepare the weekly meals. We are bringing our utensils, our own pots and pans and, of course, the grocery bags full of Fresh Ingredients.

Once the meals are prepared they will be packaged, labeled and stored in the safety of your refrigerator. Directions will be provided for you in order to fully enjoy them.